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We recommend a loan consultation if you are paying for a home equity loan every month. Refinancing is an important financial measure to consider whether you have a million dollar jumbo mortgage or fifty thousand dollar home equity loan. A refinance loan for your current home equity mortgage may save you a lot of money every month.

Refinancing an adjustable rate home equity loan is strongly recommended, because the interest rates have been rising quickly for equity lines of credit. If you notice that your monthly payment has been going up every month, the time has come to refinance that loan with a fixed interest rate and fixed term.

  • Fixed interest rate home equity loans. Think about getting rid of bills, credit accounts, and other higher interest installment loans and save money with a fixed interest rate loan secured by your home's equity.

  • Cash back home equity line of credit. You can borrow money with a revolving credit line secured by your home for accessing cash randomly.

  • Rate and term home equity refinance. This is a prime loan for people already have an equity loan, but want to change the terms for lower payments or longer terms.

Home Equity Loan Center has assembled a strong network of leading residential and commercial lenders. Refinancing has become very popular with the people who took out variable rate home equity lines when they purchased their home with 80-20 combo loans.

You can save money by getting a refinancing and converting your current adjustable rate line to a fixed rate home equity.

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Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans allow borrowers to utilize the equity in their home. Because our equity loans are considered second mortgages that are secured by your home, the fixed rates are low compared to your credit cards.. These days, the fixed interest rate loans are actually lower than the variable rate lines of credit. Take advantage now, because this fixed rate market may not last. These adjustable rate loans are new to the industry, because they have fixed rate for a set period ranging from 2-7 years. After the fixed interest intro, it turns into an adjustable rate loans that are set by the Libor or Treasury index margins. Many borrowers are looking to refinance their home equity lines to a fixed term, but if you need a HELOC, the Home Equity Loan Center can help! 125% equity loans are becoming a hot ticket with first time homebuyers, because these loans require no equity. Home Equity Loan Center offers home loans in 2nd position up to 125% of your home's value. Ask your loan officer how much you can borrow with our 125% home equity loan product. Credit scores need to be good with these loans.

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Refinancing Your Homeís Equity

As short-term rates continue to rise, many people are seeking fixed rate debt refinancing before the next rate hike occurs. Refinancing 2nd mortgage loans is also a popular way for people who bought their homes with 80-20 loans to get lowered interest rates on their piggyback home equity loans or for converting a variable rate equity line of credit into a fixed-rate equity loan. Secured debt consolidation is increasing in popularity as a method for lowering monthly payments so people can save money. And, debt consolidation loans are fast becoming the new alternative to bankruptcy. The new laws make it a lot harder and much more expensive to file for bankruptcy. How?

Under the new laws, the court imposes a two-part means test to determine if you can file for chapter 7 or must file under chapter 13, where the courts apply stringent living standards derived by the IRS to derive how much you have available to pay your debts. Then, there are the costs. John Penn, president of the American Bankruptcy Institute and a partner with the law firm Haynes and Boone in Fort Worth, Texas, estimates that legal costs involved in a bankruptcy filing are likely to be twice what lawyers charged under the old law. You have to meet with a credit counselor in the six months prior to applying for bankruptcy, which costs extra money. And before debts are discharged, you must attend money management classes at your expense.

According to Smart Home Equity, fixed rate debt refinancing is a great way to refinance high rate credit cards, especially if you are paying universal default rates on your credit cards. Do you realize that you could be paying 30% or more on your credit card interest rates? You'll never get out of debt if you continue making the minimum payments, so the best way out is to pay off credit card debt through secured debt consolidation.

You certainly wouldn't want to refinance your first mortgage with a bad credit loan because you'd end up paying a lot more interest than what you currently pay. So, consolidating revolving debt with a 2nd mortgage refinance makes sense because you'll be paying lowered interest rates compared with what you're currently paying on your credit cards. And, itís easy it is to find a mortgage lender that offers secure loans for debt consolidation.

To find a home equity lender that works with non-prime credit, just open your web browser and run a search for terms like 2nd mortgage bad credit, secured debt consolidation, fixed rate consolidation or refinancing 2nd mortgage loans.

Take advantage of current lowered interest rates. Find a debt consolidation lender who can help you lower payments and save money. Special thanks to the team at the Home Refinance Loans from SmartHomeEquity who assisted our financing magazine with good insight about the mortgage market conditions.

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