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Home Equity Activity Increases as Rates Rise

Loan applications increased again as homeowners rushed to lock their home equity rates before the Federal Reserve moved to raise rates again.

Loan costs on 15-year fixed-rate equity loan, not including fees, averaged 4.75%. (Minor increase from last week but the highest level since April.)

Adjustable credit line rates averaged 4.5% up from 4.375% the previous week.
(Prime Rate = 4.25% plus margin)

Residential financing has begun to turn with fixed rates for equity loans dipping below the credit lines for the first time in years!

If you are looking to use the equity in your home to fund home improvement projects, pay off high-interest credit card balances, or take that dream vacation to Europe, you can't afford to pass up historically low interest rates before they return to normal! We can help you find the ideal Home Equity Loan to fit your unique credit history and financial goals! Apply today and get on the path to financial freedom!

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There are no upfront costs and no obligations, and we currently have Home Equity programs available in all 50 states.

Home Equity Loans
Equity Mortgage Loans offering Cash for Debt Consolidation, Home Improvements, Education or other Investments. For a Limited time No Equity is Required with 100% 2nd mortgage loans! Get Pre-Qualified for a loan up to 125% of your home's appraised value. Applying for a home equity loan takes just a few minutes. Get an quick response when you apply online.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
Need some cash? Use the equity you have accrued in your property and take advantage of reduced interest rates! If you are budgeting for some home construction, get a line of credit secured by the equity in your house. It is an excellent plan when you simply want the money to be there in case you need it. Since this is a revolving line of credit, as you pay back what you borrow, the money is yours to use over and over again. Home equity rates are determined
by credit scores and Total Loan-to-Value ratios. (TLV)

*You can benefit from the home equity
tax advantages that are realized in most cases up to 100%

Explore the flexibility with home equity lines of credit, or lock into the stability with fixed home equity loans.

Apply Now and qualify for a Whether you need a home equity loan, second mortgage for debt consolidation,
or a cash out refinance, our participating lenders will find you the best loan.
*Please contact your tax advisor to discuss tax laws applicable to your scenario.

Home Equity Loans: Frequently Asked Questions
Home Equity Loans are a potentially money-saving option for homeowners who want to consolidate debt and/or turn some of their bad credit into good credit. The possible tax deductions on home equity loans make them potentially useful for debt consolidation, since other personal and consumer loans typically have no tax deductions and higher interest rates. Continue Article

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Refinance your adjustable rate mortgage and get a fixed 30-year loan where the payment never changes.

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