Home Equity Loan Rates with Fixed or Variable Interest

Over a decade ago, HELC created a loan system that partnered with the top mortgage brokers and lenders across the country with the goal of providing more home equity loan programs at lower rates. Since we have aligned our system with 2nd mortgage specialists the likelihood of you getting access to the lowest home equity rates is high. With our online process you will be able to compare fixed home equity rates with home equity line rates at your leisure without pressure to pay closing costs or lending fees. We believe that you will be happy with our rates for home remodeling and cash refinancing.

This helps your home equity loan get approved within hours and fund within a week or two. We offer many home equity solutions to for debt consolidation, home improvement financing, etc. Take advantage of our efficient system and now you can sit back and actually enjoy the home equity loan process.

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*Rates, fees, APR, and closing costs are subject to each homeowner's credit score, so second mortgage rates cannot be guaranteed. Also based on debt to income ratio & the combined loan-to-value.


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