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Home Equity Loans Center.com offers multiple 100% home equity loans for consumers with fair and excellent credit histories. Take advantage of our high LTV programs and refinance your existing home mortgage loan to 100. If you have been considering eliminating and adjustable rate second mortgage, then this may be a great opportunity. The HARP 2.0 is likely the hottest under water mortgage but it is only for a rate and term 1st lien refinancing. You cannot use HARP for an equity loan and no cash back is allowed. See Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac for current guidelines.

Select from fixed interest rate equity loans or variable rate credit lines. You can choose from principal and interest payments or make a minimal interest only payment for a ten year draw period. Sure the Fed has been raising interest rates, but that doesn’t mean that you cant take advantage of the equity in your home.

  • Fixed rate home equity loans. Pay off bills, credit accounts, and other higher interest auto loans. Save money with a fixed interest rate loan.

  • Interest only home credit. You can borrow money with a revolving credit line secured by your home for accessing cash randomly.

  • Mortgage Bad Credit OK Standards for buying and refinancing have changed. Get more details on lending requirements for people with poor fico scores.

  • 125% home equity refinance. This is a prime loan for people already have an equity loan, but need to refinance into a larger loan with more cash out but do not have any equity in their house left.

Home Equity Loan Center works with the leading network of lenders and mortgage brokers in order to provide the best possible 2nd mortgage liens with credible loan programs for all 50 states.


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