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Home equity lenders compete with low interest rates online for cash out, debt consolidation, refinance and home improvement loans. Our lenders are in the business of saving homeowners money with cost-effective financing. If you are happy with your first loan rate that is great because we won't try to talk you into an unnecessary refinance on your current payment. You can always count on our equity loans to carry the best terms without early termination clauses, penalties or annual fees. At the Home Equity Loan Center you can expect Quick and Easy Low Rate Loans from the Most Trusted Home Equity Lenders in the Business!

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Do You Need a No Equity Home Loan? There are No Equity Requirements! Years ago, homeowners could get cash out with the home equity loan program in a week with our "Quick Fund Home Refinance Loans" that are designed for homeowners with exceptional credit. Today borrowers may qualify for the 125% home loan if they are refinancing a 1st mortgage owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac prior to 2009. Ask one of our representatives if you meet the eligibility for the government refinance initiative that requires lenders to ignore "loan to value" restrictions.

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Our equity loan company extends credit with low rates for home equity loans, cash out refinance, home equity line of credit, debt consolidation and home improvement loans. The Home Equity Loans Center is one of the more reliable sources on the internet for providing the right equity loan options for your unique situation. These days, home equity credit has become a commodity as the credit crunch has eliminated most of the home equity refinance programs. Take advantage of our no cost loan application.

Do you need to Refinance an Equity Loan because the interest rate is adjusting? Our home equity lenders also offer fixed rate home improvement loans from 80 to 125% loan to value depending upon your credit score. Consumers refinancing adjustable rate mortgage loans and variable rate lines of credit with one of our many fixed rate lending solutions! The popular 125 home loan has practically disappeared. The latest government choice for negative equity refinancing is called the Home Affordable Refinance. Check with HARP mortgage lenders to see if you meet the credentials laid out by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Using an equity loan can create opportunities for you to consolidate credit cards and ridiculously high interest loans together into one new loan. Select from various equity loan programs like: Cash Out, Bill Pay, Refinance, Bad Credit, No Equity, and Home Repairs. See for yourself how easy taking out a 2nd loan can be for you! Speak with our lenders and you will benefit from our advice on for equity loan programs.

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The government just announced FHA refinance loans that can help borrowers with low credit scores that do not qualify for an equity loan. Freddie Mac still offers 100% loans with qualifying credentials and the VA loan continues to provide veterans with one hundred percent home refinancing offers.

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Whether your credit is excellent or less than desirable, we have home equity lender that can more than likely help you accomplish your financing goals today!
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Our Home Equity Lenders offer the best equity loan options that utilize the collateral of your home to get cash. Because equity loans are second mortgages secured by your home, the fixed rates are low. The fixed rates are actually lower than the variable rate lines of credit. Take advantage now, because the low rates on fixed equity loans may not last much longer. These equity loans are new to the industry, because they have fixed rate for a set period ranging from 2-7 years. After the fixed interest intro, it turns into an adjustable rate loans that are set by the Libor or Treasury index margins. Adjustable rate equity loans are rare these days as most of the options with variable interest rates are actually credit lines. This line of credit is secured by your home, and most loan officers will refer to them as a HELOC. Home equity lines are more like credit cards than your standard home equity loan. Many people are using home equity lines as purchase money second loan in an 80-20 purchase loan. Today most credit lines are used for home repairs and rehabilitation.

Pay off your home quicker with fixed rate 1st and 2nd Mortgages!

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First time homebuyers need a break. Home Equity Loan Center offers several types of mortgage loans. Ask your loan officer what loan amounts are allowed with your credit score. If you need to make some improvements to your home, but don't have the equity, the no equity loan is your new friend. We provide new opportunities for people who need a loan but are having problems qualifying because their house values do not meet traditional lending requirements.

Our home equity lenders offer unique loans created especially for debt consolidation are becoming common with homeowners from San Francisco to Miami. This is a great way to pay off your present debts that usually have higher rates. A great benefit of home equity loans is that your interest payments are tax deductible. An equity loan can be repaid over time with a fixed interest rate. Debt settlement programs are also available. Refinancing has become very popular with the people who took out variable rate home equity lines when they purchase their house with 80-20 piggy-back home financing. You can save money by getting a refinancing and exchanging your current adjustable rate line to a fixed rate home equity loan. Save money when you refinance a credit line into a fixed installment loan.
Home Equity Interest Only Home Improvement 100% Home Equity Loans
Interest only options allow you to make smaller payments monthly. Whether you want a line of credit or a lump-sum home equity loan, ask your loan officer at Home Equity Loan Center about cash loans for other expenses. Line of credit rates remain at record lows! Whether you've bought your first home, or you have lived in your home for 20 years, home equity loans are the most popular method today for making home improvements. Replace the roof, add a new room, or install a pool for the whole family to enjoy. Home Equity Loan Center offers competitive equity loans with fixed, variable or interest only options. 100% loans are not as easy to qualify for anymore. Ask your loan consultant whether a home equity line of a fixed rate loan make sense for your financing situation.

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